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We are proud to contribute to the growth of the creative industry, in particular to designers by sharing valuable legal information in segments featured in episodes of the first season of the Command Z Podcast, a new podcast about design and communications.

Layshi Curbelo is the mastermind behind Command Z ™. She is the experienced designer and entrepreneur who strategically curated the content of this production with the purpose of providing answers to issues not commonly discussed and not generally taught or discovered elsewhere. In this insightful educational and entertaining production, you will hear from industry leaders based in Puerto Rico, Illinois and California, talking about lessons learned while working in their respective areas of practice. Plus, you’ll also hear them share real life anecdotes of both funny moments and horror stories. 

Designers, creative professionals, students and just about anyone listening can feel a part of the conversation and will definitely enjoy this first season. Some of the interviews are in English and some are in Spanish so keep tuning in weekly because there is something for everyone.   You can listen to it in Spotify and directly on https://commandzpodcast.com/podcast/. This next link takes you directly to the very first episode and it’s about content strategy.  Keep in mind that new episodes air every Thursday and the one titled “Designing the Law” will feature attorney Alice Cabrera from Solid Rep intellectual property studio as guest. We are indeed honored and excited to add value to this design podcast.

Command Z Podcast Cocktail

Stay tuned…